The residents of Balhousie Monkbarns had a fantastic sunny day for their trip recently to Camperdown Park in Dundee. None of the residents had been there before and were excited about the prospect of going.

When we arrived on the Oomph! bus, the first place to visit was the gibbons. As we walked around the zoo there was lots of conversation about all the different types of animals and how amazing some of them were. Shirley, Activities Coordinator, had done work placement at Camperdown Park and was explaining how the wolves and bears were fed so that they can forage for their food as they would do in the wild. She also explained how the keepers would segregate the animals first, before entering their environment to place the food around the ground and frames.

After the visit we went to Beefeaters for lunch, which residents appreciated; after a long walk around the zoo there were plenty of empty plates!

There followed a drive up to Dundee’s Law hill where we spotted two statues from the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail. Bob got his picture taken with one, which made his day.

This was a very successful day trip and left the residents feeling great about their day.