With the spring sun shining bright, it was a great opportunity for five of our residents from Balhousie Luncarty care home to take a walk. Alex and Rab were walking while Betty, Mac and Beth were in wheelchairs, all accompanied by carers Meggie, Emma and Gail.

We took a walk through Luncarty, past the school where we stopped to watch the children playing leapfrog, then across the soccer field to admire the trees in bloom and the lovely display of daffodils.

Rab and Alex chattered all the way, admiring the well-kept gardens and nice fences. The shop was the last port of call and Alex and Rab and Beth bought juice and magazines before walking back.

Rab and Mac also enjoyed their ice-creams – for Rab, the first ice cream he’d enjoyed like that in years! It was a walk down memory lane too for these residents. They enjoyed the freedom of been able to go and buy what they needed from a local shop