With National Poetry Day taking place the day after she was due to leave, Activity Coordinator, Diana from Balhousie Coupar Angus care home, wrote an ode to her work mates to illustrate the memories of fun, laughter and teamwork, she would take away, of her time there.

Talking in glowing terms about everybody: the Manager, the Carers, Nurses, Catering, Domestic staff, and some of the residents too – Diana made it clear ‘parting was such sweet sorrow‘ and only because she was moving to something closer to home.

We think it’s a fantastic poem – a perfect snapshot of Balhousie care home ‘family’ life.

Thanks Diana!

Balhousie Coupar Angus

Morag is our Manager and runs a Happy Home 

but her door is always open just in case you need a wee moan!


Lorna is our Admin lady in charge of the Reception. 

She keeps everything running smoothly, and will do ‘til she gets her pension!


Laura keeps the home in shape and does our covid tests. 

Coffees, care and loads of smiles, she really is the best.


Now Andy is our Maintenance Man, our fabby Mr Fix it! 

He also has great stories but some really take the biscuit!


Mangie is “the Boss” in here, he always looks so smart. 

He keeps the kitchen sparkling and looks dapper in his hat.


Jan is our ‘supercook’ and the Queen of her kitchen. 

She makes lovely meals, from pies to soup, and cooks a bloody good roast chicken!


Paul is a lovely lad happy to lend a hand. 

He’s fab with all the Residents, who also think he’s grand. 


Some of our Residents

Sheila is a Super Star, I enjoy our chats no end.

She likes a little manicure and is also a new friend.


George is a lovely man but, when waiting for his fag, 

if it isn’t the right time for one, he becomes a grumpy lad.


Jean is totally full of fun, loving a giggle and a laugh. 

You think she’s sweet and innocent ‘til she kicks you up the ar–!


Kevin is a music lover and has a fantastic cowboy hat. 

He enjoys a cake, but to lots of food, he says “I don’t like that!” 


Nancy loves her ‘People’s Friend’ and also joining in, 

but when her batteries need changing, she just can’t hear a blooming thing!


Now when you first meet Barry, you think he might be gruff,

but once you get to know him he’s a diamond in the rough. 


Arlene is a lovely lady and always full of fun! 

She joins in all activities when she’s sure the work is done. 


Maggie is a super girl, and always has a smile.

She’s chatty, happy and caring and goes that extra mile. 


Angie is a ball of fun and makes the job look easy.

She’s always happy to have a go, well, she would be, she is a Weegie!


Ali is a quiet guy I haven’t really got to know.

He’s super with the Residents and grew great tasting tomatoes! 


The domestics are a lovely bunch, and a very busy team. 

They work all over, up and down, to keep the care home clean. 


Lawrence is always on the go, As busy as a bee. 

He works so hard around the home and is kind in every way. 


Sarah is Maggie’s Mum, and always in good form. 

She’s also kind and full of fun and her nature is so warm. 


Kelsey is our Student Nurse and will soon be qualified.

She will make a fantastic Nurse and has a twinkle in her eye. 


Caroline is another Nurse, looking after one and all. 

I hope she comes out for a drink one night, she can help us when we fall!


Ruairidh is a new lad, he’s great at what he’s learning, 

looking out for all the Residents and is gentle, kind and caring. 


Mary-Jane, our lovely new lady, is a Carer on the team.

She is lovely and a great worker, plus her smile is such a dream. 


Kirsty is another Nurse who the Residents love to see.

She’s a cracking sense of humour which she’ll need now meeting me!


Now Richard has a varied job with roles from kitchen to cleaner. 

He does it in style against all odds, he’s as busy as a wee beaver! 


Ewan is a Carer and also helps with the cooking. 

He goes between both jobs with ease and makes some really delicious puddings! 


Freda is one of our Nurses in charge of all the pills. 

Although she’s very busy, she seems to stay quite chilled.


June is a lovely Carer combining it with laughter. 

She even liked my video… but after all-she is a Baxter! 


Tessa is also a fabby Carer and a very yummy Mum. 

She is great with all the Residents and also lots of fun! 


Margo loves being a Carer, she really is a grafter. 

She keeps up with my sense of fun and joins in all the laughter. 


Diana, well with that wonderful name, she’s bound to be outstanding.

She’s gentle and hardworking even when her day’s demanding. 


Caroline (m), the Carer, has always been so fine. 

If I ever need a Carer, I hope that she’d be mine – God help her!


Shirley is also a Carer and super at her job. 

She’s also a great seamstress who’s going to make our tartan bags! 


To all the people here on days and nights, I haven’t got to know so far – 

what I do know is you all make up the team, that’s full of SHINING STARS!


This is my last day working here – thank you for your help and laughs. 

You’ve all been great to work with, and I hope we’ll still cross paths.


lots of love & laughter 
Diana xxx