Balhousie prep and parties for Halloween

It may be almost two weeks until most of us reach the All Hallow’s Eve celebration, but in one Balhousie care home, the excitement got the better of the residents last week.

For Balhousie Clement Park care home in Dundee, the wait was just too long and they kicked off their Halloween party last Saturday. But did they peak too soon? Well, looking at these photos of their Spooky Skelebration, we don’t think much more fun could have been had!

Meanwhile, at Balhousie Antiquary care home in Arbroath, they’re taking it a bit more steady; relaxing while they make the paranormal preparations for their frightful festival.

Erm, we don’t like to mention ladies, but we think there may be a tiny spider up above your curtain rail. Ah… yes, yep, you’ve spotted it!