Antiquary Bowling Club members are feeling prouder than ever of their steadily growing club after receiving a kind donation of an engraved trophy from Mrs Gill Geddes, a residents’ daughter.

Previously, weekly winners received their ‘Champion’ certificate with pride and often like to have it pinned up in their rooms. Now they are delighted to see photos of themselves with their certificate, and the trophy, displayed on what they, affectionately, call the “Rogues Gallery”.

Although the bowlers don’t get to keep the trophy they are always happy to hand it over with a friendly hand-shake (and often some light-hearted cheeky banter), to the next champion.

The club has been running weekly for almost 3 years and is a firm favourite with residents, visitors and care team members alike.

The expensive ‘boccia bowls’, which were also a very welcome donation, have a leather cover, and are of a comfortable weight, which residents find very easy to handle.

The nature of the bowling game is such that players are required to remain seated during play thus providing equal opportunity for residents of all abilities to participate.

Many thanks to Gill Geddes for our lovely trophy and well done to all our Bowling Champs!