On Thursday 7th February Antiquary residents Peter, Ina, Elsie, Wullie and Gordon took a trip on the Oomph bus to McManus Galleries, Dundee. Everyone enjoyed strolling through the galleries and viewing all the exhibits. Peter and Gordon were particularly taken with the fish, bird and animal exhibits, and were impressively knowledgeable as they tried to recall the name of each species before reading the information plates. Elsie and Ina shared some fond memories as they browsed the cabinets of old household items, footwear, and clothing. Wullie, an ex-naval man, was enthralled with the display of ships and war paraphernalia. Peter, who loves to sing, took full advantage of the fantastic acoustics within the high-ceilinged galleries and delighted the group, as well as several visitors and gallery staff, with a few songs to accompany the day trippers.

After a most enjoyable tour of the exhibits, and art work, the residents tucked in to a tasty lunch in the Galleries’ restaurant, followed by a trip across the Tay Bridge to Tayport for a sweetie, and a scenic stop at the marina, where they enjoyed further reminiscing about fishing boats, boat trips, holidays, food, friends and acquaintances’ and occupations, as well as joining in a few more songs with Peter!

What a lovely day of memories, culture and fun for all.