Antiquary residents, staff and visitors spent a delightful afternoon dancing and singing with the ‘Birlin Bairns’.

The toddlers, and their supervisors, from St Vigeans pre-school playgroup, came along on Thursday to show off their wonderful Scottish dance routines and to teach our residents and staff some of their dance moves.

The residents were more than happy when invited to join in with the dances, and the children’s ‘Friendship Waltz’ routine was especially enjoyed by both those dancing and those watching. The children, a little shy at first, soon warmed to the residents and began chatting and playing happily and it was clear from the smiles on our residents’ faces that they were completely enthralled by the children’s presence.

Margaret, one of the group’s organisers, told us how people are keen to keep traditional Scottish music and dance alive and available for generations to come and how better than to teach it to the youngest of us.

We love to see our residents engaging and interacting with such enthusiasm and nothing seems to bring so much joy and smiles as when youngsters come for a visit and, of course, the unmistakable sound of toe-tapping Scottish ceilidh music.

Many thanks to the children and their supervisors for a most enjoyable afternoon.  We hope to see them again very soon.