Arbroath Academy pupils wowed their elderly peers with catering, music and social skills when they spent the day together at Monkbarns care home last month.

Youngsters from the Home Economics department prepared a beautiful spread of cakes, gingerbread, tea and coffee to share with residents, while pupils from the Music department delighted residents with their musical skills and encouraged a group sing along.

Resident Bill was especially thrilled when the local school kids came to visit, as prior to his retirement Bill was a school teacher himself.  Bill enjoyed chatting with the teachers and students as they shared stories about their own experience in education.

Along-with the day proving to be a very positive inter-generational pairing of social, engaging and fun activity at Monkbarns, which provided mutual benefits to both age groups, the school students were also being assessed on how well they interacted with care home residents.  This, added to the overall presentation of the pupils work goes towards them achieving a graded unit at the school as part of the current educational curriculum.

It is truly wonderful to see generations coming together like this.  Working, learning and benefiting from each others experiences and contributing to the overall well-being of all those involved.