Residents of Alastrean House have all fallen head over heels with their new therapy pet, Alfie.

Alfie Angus Barclay is a 2 year old Cavapoo hailing from Alford. His owner Shona bought the gorgeous little pup to assist with the therapy for her son who has autism, and she wanted to share Alfie’s gentle, caring nature with others.

Our residents here at Balhousie Alastrean absolutely adore Alfie and are more than happy to welcome him into their happy home. Resident Isobel beamed when Alfie entered the lounge on his first visit and ushered him to “come and see his auntie Isobel!”  Another of our residents Mary, can’t wait to get a cuddle and says she misses her Corgi dearly and wished Alfie could stay with her all the time so we have ensured he will be back to visit again very soon.

Therapy pets can have a positive physical, emotional and psychological effect on humans and can be especially comforting for people living with dementia who may have difficulty with communication. The ability to have a loving pet to touch and comfort can result in lower blood pressure, normalised heart rate and reduced stress.

Alfie will be visiting Alastrean House every second Friday at 11am where he is sure to be given a warm welcome.