There have been many studies on the positive effects of bird watching. Birds around the home, and in nature, support preventative health care and create healthier, happier places to live. And two Balhousie care homes – Willowbank and Huntly – are taking the bird as therapet to heart.

Meet Sonny the cockatiel, one of the newest residents at Balhousie Willowbank care home in Angus. He packed his cage and moved in along with his human and has settled in very quickly. He is well-behaved and mostly quite quiet, but he does love having a chat with anyone who joins him in his room. He also provides an unrivalled, uplifting serenade to the Willowbank mornings!

Meanwhile, in Balhousie Huntly care home in Aberdeenshire, shift leader Angela brought long her beautiful, technicolour parrot to meet with each of the residents. He even joined in the games, enjoying a play on the ladders, but keeping clear of the snakes!

Positive mental health, mindfulness, improved brain function, perspective… and entertainment. We think they should be on prescription!