National Pumpkin Day

With National Pumpkin Day this Monday, 25 October, there has been a swathe of orange washing across the Balhousie Blue this week!

For residents at Balhousie Huntly care home in Aberdeenshire and Wheatlands in Falkirk, life is gourd as they got some great carving (and decorating) action going on. Meanwhile at Rumbling Bridge in Crook of Devon, Kinross, and ASC in Balbeggie have been out gathering their own fresh from the fields of Broadslap Farm in Perthshire and Cairnie Fruit Farm in Fife!

Suzanne, Activities Coordinator at Wheatlands said, “All of the ladies really enjoyed it – they were all chatting and having a good giggle with one another throughout the morning. The pumpkins are now displayed at the main entrance stairs outside for all visitors to admire.”

Gavin from Rumbling Bridge scooped a great haul of orange goodness, pulling along on the sledge provided.

With Halloween just around the corner, it must be time to let the gourd times roll! Ok enough!