Balhousie Care Group managers got a taste of a unique arts and fitness experience today when they gathered to meet the organisers of danceSing Care.

The organisation, a fusion of arts and fitness created and developed by healthcare professionals, provides bespoke music and movement resources.

The meeting at Balhousie Rumbling Bridge saw managers and activity coordinators enjoying the same exercise routines participating residents will participate in as part of a research project between Balhousie, danceSing Care and the University of Stirling. It will monitor the effects of the programme care home residents’ physical and mental wellbeing.

The 12-week study will launch this month with results expected in the summer.

Head of Operations Sheilah Harvey said: “We’re delighted to be taking part in this exclusive research opportunity and can’t wait to share more when our residents start to participate. It’s the latest in a line of exciting collaborations for Balhousie Care Group and we hope the results will help shape how music and movement benefits our and other care home residents.”

The news follows hot on the heels of the news of Balhousie’s partnership with Pitlochry Festival Theatre in which theatre staff help develop care home staff’s skills in using drama and music with care home residents.