We may be heading into the long winter nights, but at Balhousie Pitlochry, they’ve got their sights fully set on spring and their longed-for redevelopment of the care home garden.

Fundraising has ramped up a gear in the last couple of weeks, starting with a raffle, giving a chance of a little extra in the kitty all round before Christmas. In a simple format, Home Administrator, Shona Hutchcox, set up 1000 numbers at a £1 a pop.

The simple maths added up. If all numbers were sold it would allow for some fantastic cash prizes!

? 1st prize £250 | ? 2nd prize £150 | ? 3rd prize £100  And still leaving £500 for the garden fund.

To the Pitlochry staff’s very happy amazement, 500 numbers were sold in under 24 hrs! But still plenty to go and time for you to join.

Shona told us, “The garden, once completed, will enhance the residents outdoor spacial awareness and enjoyment. We hope that after the tediousness of lockdown, residents will be able to enjoy the space fully as, once completed, it will definitely be Access All Areas.

“However, until work starts we are keeping our ideas under wraps. And as for our total so far, we’ve reached £13k of the £15k we set as a target, but, between the fundraising activities we have on the go, and with so much wonderful support, we’re confident the remaining £2k is only a short step away.”

One of those activities, is the great sacrifice of Balhousie Pitlochry Hairdresser, Alison’s husband, Torcall, who has agreed to allow his wife to fully shave off his beard for the first time in 20 years: most of Torcall’s friends and acquaintances have never seen him shorn in all the time they’ve known him!

We’re told this will take place in January once the Christmas madness has passed.

We think you may want to wait until into spring Torcall, when the chilly winds have hopefully died down!

Click HERE for the JustGiving page if you feel able to add your support to the crowdfunder. THANK YOU!