Wheatlands has embarked upon its latest Woodland experience. Our favourite rangers Jim and Gordon from Forestry and Land Scotland have assisted us to create a programme of activity here at Wheatlands in the grounds for those residents who are unable to join our full programme in Callendar woods.

Starting with a camp fire they then put up a temporary shelter in case the rain came on, which thankfully it didn’t.  Ann, Betty, Margaret, Robert, Alex and Francis all sat round the fire and Jim and Gordon toasted marshmallows.  Margaret just wanted a toasted marshmallow on a stick, however the rest of the residents tried a smore which is toasted marshmallows in between two chocolate digestives.  These were all thoroughly enjoyed by all, everyone ate every last bit.

This is our third year using this valuable experience to enrich our residents’ lives. This year we have extended the invitation to those who are unable to leave the home for any length of time ensuring we have the same provision for everyone who lives in Wheatlands.