Home-made Colourful Testing pod

Visitors are treated to a special little room within a room at Balhousie Luncarty Care home.

Handmade by Robbie Banks, fully treated to be wipeable, the Pod is used daily to carry out tests in privacy and also used as a waiting area for results.

Magically decorated with rainbows, blown kisses, and of course, a hand-drawn Balhousie logo, the artwork was led by Senior Carer, Louise Anderson who is currently focussing her talent on Halloween window art for the Luncarty home too.

Most importantly, nearly all the residents took part in decorating and painting it too! The little hearts have all the staff and residents’ initials in them – it was a whole team effort to create.

We can’t imagine anything more colourful and heartwarming to greet you when you arrive.

It brings a new meaning to ‘home’-made!