Monkbarns residents had a hoot on the Oomph bus trip to the Cairn ‘O’ Mohr winery on Wednesday 10th April!  Everyone really enjoyed the tour, getting to see parts of the machinery up close and in action.

Our tour guide Mark was very informative and attentive, he kept the whole group well entertained throughout the experience.  It was great to find out that the left over pulp, from the fruit they use to make their wine, is used either on the fields or added to the animals feed, meaning that even their waste can be utilized.

If I had to hazard a guess, I think the best part of the day for the residents was the wine tasting.  Olive was keen to try a bit of everything, but she especially enjoyed the spring oak wine and the non-alcoholic Elderberry and Elderflower options available too.  Iris enjoyed the raspberry wine and the fizzy strawberry wine at the end.

We were all impressed with the beautiful art work and design of the winery.  The distillery doors were very impressive, with two large brightly coloured peacocks painted upon a massive demijohn.  There was also wonderfully carved tree stumps, which were made to look like faces, and also an assortment of rocks which were painted to resemble things, my favorite was the rock made to look like a shark!  There was also a small play area for kids’ as well, it was nice to see that they clearly try to cater for everyone!

After the tour and tasting was finished, we then headed to the cafe for something to eat.  Everyone commented on how wonderful the food was.  There was a great selection on the menu, with options for them to be made gluten and dairy free.  Margaret had the Alibob flatbread and completely cleared the plate!  The portions were quite big, but those who couldn’t finish their meals were given bio degradable tubs to take their leftovers away home with them, much to Iris’s delight as she hadn’t managed to finish her haggis and cheese melt!


All in all it was a wonderful day out, and our residents can’t wait for their next trip!