Violet Crabb, a volunteer at Balhousie St Ronans, has very sadly passed away.

Violet first got to know everyone at St Ronans care home in Dundee in 2015 when her twin sister Rose was a resident. A pair of characters, the sisters were full of fun and both loved to sing, dance and enjoy a wee glass of wine.

When Rose passed away in 2017, Violet kept visiting St Ronans as a volunteer and her happy presence was always warmly felt in the home.

Paula Balfour, Activities Coordinator at Balhousie St Ronans, said:

“Violet had great banter with the residents and staff, was always happy and cheery, smiling and singing.  She was a marvellous support with any functions we had going on and used to be a great help at our Summer Fetes every year. She was so generous, often donating items to the home out of her own pension. Violet was much loved by residents, staff and visitors and will be hugely missed.”

Violet was so well loved by care home and head office staff that we asked her to be part of a Tay FM recruitment campaign. “Looking for a place for my sister, I knew as soon as that door opened that this was the place and I never regretted it,” she says. Here’s a clip of Violet from the campaign.