Clement Park - resident holding yellow pompoms

The new year is often the time we revamp our fitness regime. The media is full of ‘new-year-new-you’ messages and less-than-subtle shoves to get us off the Christmas couch and up and moving.

And Balhousie Clement Park, in Dundee, has risen to the challenge, taking up the novel fitness challenge of cheerleading! Maybe not the pyramid-forming, dance and tumbling form, but they’ve certainly got their bright yellow, cheerful cheerleading pompoms shaking for their chair exercises.

They’ve certainly got us motivated for 2022.

“Gimme a ‘C’, Gimme an ‘L’, Gimme an ‘E-M-E’. Gimme an ‘N’, Gimme a ‘T’, Gimme a ‘P-A-R’ (and a ‘K’!) Go Clement Park!”