There may be an age gap of 80 years but there’s no doubting that they share the same enthusiasm for football.

So when Dundee United’s oldest living player, Jack Butchart, and the club’s youngest player, Chris Mochrie, met there was plenty to talk about.

Chris, 16, who made the record books by becoming the club’s youngest ever player, met Jack, a resident at Balhousie St Ronan’s care home in Dundee, to honour Jack’s 96th birthday. Chris and his fellow players took time off from their training session in St Andrews to meet Jack, who played for DUFC as well as local clubs like Brechin and Montrose in his youth. He was presented with a Dundee United top with the number ’96’, signed by each player.

“It’s been a day to remember. I wasn’t expecting all this,” said a delighted Jack.

Chris said: “You don’t meet people like this every day. To have met somebody who played football that long ago and who knew what football was like a long time ago is a new experience.”

Denise Grant, Care Home Manager at Balhousie St Ronan’s, said: “We’re delighted to have Jack as a resident at Balhousie St Ronan’s and his football stories keep us all entertained. So it’s quite something to get Dundee United’s oldest living player and their youngest ever player together. At Balhousie we’re used to taking part in inter-generational projects but this is something different. We’re so grateful to the club and the players for making this visit happen. It made Jack’s day.”