On the afternoon of Easter Monday, the activities co coordinators; Shirley and Kirsty, and two members of care staff; Caitlin and Stef, took 6 of Monkbarns residents out for a stroll around Keptie Pond. It was a beautiful afternoon and Gordon, Iris, Gisela and Margaret especially enjoyed watching the children having fun on their day off school, playing football and running about with their friends.

Everyone also enjoyed partaking in a bit of bird watching, spotting the different kinds of ducks and birds bobbing along in the water. Pointing out the Heron, Mallord and Signet Swan. We were all glad to see a poster for the different kinds of food which were suitable for feeding the wild life as well.

Pepper the dog also came along on the trip to the pond, keeping everyone on their toes! Iris loved having Pepper beside her while she was in her wheelchair. Iris was chatting away and prompting her to “come along” the whole way.