For Leslie Stevenson and his daughter Dyane, it will go down as a memorable lockdown moment: the day their balcony meet-up was caught on camera.

Dyane was desperate to see her dad for Father’s Day so jumped in the car and drove from Dundee to Balhousie Forth View care home in Methil, Fife so she could wave at him through a window. “When I got there I found that two staff members had taken him out onto the balcony so I could chat to him for a few precious moments. Dad was positively beaming. I had a bottle of whisky for him in my hand and greeted me with ‘What’s in that bottle?'” says Dyane.

Dyane’s fiance took a snap of what Dyane is calling “our Romeo and Juliet moment – except dad’s on the balcony, not me!” Adds Dyane: “Thanks to the understanding staff at Forthview, I have this special memory to keep with me.”

Says Ann Poulton, Home Manager at Forth View: “It was a long, difficult few months during lockdown with our residents and relatives unable to properly meet. It was heartwarming to see Dyane drive down to see her dad. It made it an extra special Father’s Day for Leslie, and for all of us – definitely one we’ll remember.”

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