Antiquary residents Don, Peter, Ina, Norma and May chose The Verdant Works Museum, Dundee, as their destination for this month’s Oomph Wellness bus trip and for very good reason!

Don, Peter and Ina are all former employees of the wonderfully refurbished jute and weaving mill and, although the mills closed down many years ago, they remember the work very well and were able to give our tour guide, Ewan, a run for his money with their impressive knowledge of both the jute industry and the machinery used.

Don, a former resident of Dundee, and a wealth of information on infinite topics, told us how he’d taken a trip to visit the jute plantations in India in his younger days and he was able to provide us with lots of additional and fascinating information during our tour.

Peter took great pride in sharing with our group how he’d worked in almost every area of the jute mills, and he thoroughly impressed us all with his vast knowledge of the machinery on display and how jute was processed from its raw state to being washed, processed, bailed and sold to building and textile companies.

Ina, who worked as an office clerk prior to the mill closures, was delighted to see an early 20th century office exhibit where, evidently, male office clerks were required to remain standing all day while the manager and the typist were allowed to sit.  Resident, May, made us all chuckle when she amusingly observed that “those men must hae sair feet”.

Norma said she’d had a really nice time and it was lovely to get out and about.

After a most enjoyable tour, the residents, along with activities coordinators, Aileen and David, and driver, Tony, returned to the Oomph bus and headed to the top of Law Hill to enjoy a lovely picnic lunch while admiring the fantastic panoramic views of Dundee from atop the hill.

Don, Peter and Ina said it was great to see the old mill the way it used to look and everyone said they’d thoroughly enjoyed their day out and the lovely memories it brought back.