In his younger days, George, now resident at Balhousie Stormont Lodge in Blairgowrie was an Ice Hockey player for the Fife Flyers.  He played for a number of years alongside his brothers.  George talks about his Ice Hockey days often and has very fond memories of this time.    This was also an interest that he shared with our Oomph Wellness driver Tony.  They have spoken many times on trips about the hockey.

Knowing of George’s love of the game, our activities coordinator Kaye decided to take George along to a game to watch his old team play in the local derby against the Dundee Stars.  Kaye’s nine year old son, Innes, also has a sporting interest and wanted to attend his first ice hockey game.  So the planning began to make this a memorable occasion for all.  With the help of Oomph Wellness we were able to organise the trip through them.  Our driver Tony is a season ticket holder for the Dundee Stars, so with his contacts at the Dundee Ice Arena he managed to arrange for George and Innes to meet the Fife Flyers Team and have their photo taken with them before the game.  This was an amazing experience for them both.  George became quite emotional reminiscing with the team about his playing days.

A fantastic time was had by all watching the game and getting involved in the excitement of it all. George spoke with Innes and explained the rules of the game to him when he was asking questions.  It was lovely to watch their connection over a shared interest.  Innes has already spoken of coming back to Stormont Lodge to see George again.   It is a memory that George treasures dearly and was overjoyed to be a part of again.