Friday the 15th, was a fun filled day here at Monkbarns! There was something going on to suit everyone’s taste, from; the Cheltenham Derby, Red Nose Day, Skyliner was also in to entertain the residents in the cafe later in the afternoon, and it was also Doreen’s Birthday too.

George, Olive and Joan loved getting involved for Red Nose Day by getting their noses painted red for the occasion and came through to the cafe for a song and a dance.

It was also Doreen’s birthday on Friday, she celebrated the day in style by coming through to watch Skyliner perform in the cafe, and everyone there sang happy birthday for her. Doreen also received a birthday cake, present and card from all the staff here at Monkbarns . Doreen thoroughly enjoyed her day!
Doreen additionally won first place for her pick of horse on the Cheltenham Derby on Friday, with Iris and Bella picking up 2nd and 3rd prize for their horses. Each of the winners won some sweeties, which went down a treat!