Earlier this month Dee and Ian Halliday, sister and brother in law to former resident Alisha Bently, very kindly donated a therapy cat to our Monkbarns Care Home.  Alisha was a much loved resident here at Monkbarns and was always the first to say hello and give a friendly wave as soon as anyone came into the home. She was a large part of the Monkbarns family for many years and is sorely missed.

Our home residents were absolutely delighted with the new arrival of our furry friend.  The team have been taking our new cat around the home to visit all of our residents and we have been encouraging everyone to give suggestions for our cats name.  So far the most popular choice has been ‘Bonnie’, however a final decision will be made once each of our residents has had the chance to cast their vote.  Once all votes have been collected, a resident will draw the winning name.  In the meantime, ‘cat’ has been basking in all the love and attention she has been receiving from our residents.  They truly have welcomed her to their home with open arms.

A big thank you to Dee an Ian for their thoughtful and generous gift donation.