Residents of Balhousie Care homes are proving proved they can adapt to new technology like the best of us.

In a trial across the group’s care homes, residents are ‘busting the myths’ with giant touchscreen tables for interactive activities, video calling, apps and virtual travel tours.

The state-of-the-art tables are wheelchair-accessible, height-adjustable and can move from room to room. Residents in seven Balhousie facilities are using them to play games, complete crosswords and word searches, practice musical instruments and call their loved ones.

Sheilah Harvey, Head of Operations at Balhousie Care Group, said: “Person-centred care has always been a priority for us at Balhousie, as has independence for our residents. The touchscreen tables are so adaptable and easy to use that they tick many boxes for us. They can be moved around easily, including into residents’ bedrooms if they are immobile or just want some time on their own.”

Jules Ritchie-Urry, Home Manager at Balhousie Stormont Lodge in Blairgowrie, said: “It’s wonderful to see our residents adapting to the tables so quickly. They are constantly proving that age is not a barrier to enjoying life and learning new things.”

The touchscreen tables, made by Agilico, enable staff to capture data on resident activity. They also complement two activities initiatives recently launched across Balhousie Care Group: Oomph! On Demand, a digital platform providing person-centred activities and exercise, from dance lessons to virtual travel; and danceSing Care, a video based music and movement programme and research project being conducted in Balhousie homes in partnership with Stirling University.

Balhousie, whose Luncarty care home is shortlisted for a Scottish Care Award for its meaningful activities, has installed the tables in homes in Perthshire, Aberdeenshire, Fife and Dundee. Based on the results of the trial, it hopes to roll them out to the rest of its 26 care facilities across six regions of Scotland.