If you’ve ever wondered who Glasgow Town actually belongs to, we know!

Balhousie Stormont Lodge in Blairgowrie, are staking their claim to ownership of Glasgow, following an afternoon of entertainment at the Perthshire care home last week.

The musical soiree covered a full range of songs, but it was the old music hall song by Will Fyffe from 1920, that filled the dance floor – and raised the rafters – with residents and staff alike.

“I belong to Glasgow
Dear old Glasgow town
Well what’s the matter with Glasgow
For it’s goin’ ‘roon and ‘roon
I’m only a common old working chap
As anyone here can see
But when I get a couple of drinks on a Saturday
Glasgow belongs to me.”

Activities Coordinator Ashleigh Henvey told us, “Our residents loved it – there were so many dancing, lots of singing. It was fantastic to watch them all have so much fun.”

Psstt! And it was only Wednesday!