Something very exciting has been happening at Balhousie Care Group!

Last week, we had a film crew visit us to capture some footage for a new TV ad, designed to tell the world what a great place it is to live and work.

They visited Lisden, Brookfield and Coupar Angus, shooting some incredible videos of all the fantastic activities going on in the homes.

Some of our lovely residents and staff who appear in the videos were also interviewed, and you’ll be able to hear what they love about Balhousie!

Robyn Oliphant, Clinical Lead Nurse at Lisden, was first to sit down for a chat.

Brookfield resident, Jean Beattie, and Senior Carer, Steven Smith, also shared their thoughts, along with Ewan Hinch, Care Assistant at Coupar Angus, and Liz McKay, one of the home’s residents.

Agnes Oliphant, Home Manager at Balhousie Lisden, said: “All of us at Lisden felt privileged to be one of the homes chosen to participate in the filming. We’re so excited to see the advert!”

Lisa Thomson, Balhousie Brookfield Home Manager, commented: “It was very exciting for the staff and residents to have the film crew in. We all felt like film stars and enjoyed showing off our lovely home.”

Kirsty Stevens, Home Manager at Balhousie Coupar Angus, said: “It was great to have the film crew visit us at Coupar Angus so we could share our wonderful home with others.”

Melanie Brockway, Brand and Communications Manager at Balhousie Care Group, added: “It’s always a joy to spend time with residents in their homes. They’re always happy and interested to help with filming and photos.

“However, on this occasion the best part was witnessing the effect the residents had on the videographers. There was an unexpected emotional connection from sheer happiness at the Brookfield dance party!

“Luke had a tear in his eye and said, ‘It’s so amazing, it really got to me’, while Joe enjoyed being told how handsome he was by a number of the ladies on the dancefloor.

“We wanted to demonstrate the warmth, incredible staff-resident connections, and cheer in our care homes where residents are able to live their best lives. We certainly convinced the film team!”

The advert will be hitting your TV screens in a few weeks’ time, so keep your eyes peeled!

We’ll also be hitting the airwaves when our ads run on Tay AM and FM, so keep an ear out!