Now that the autumn season is upon us our residents at Huntly Care Home have started making fat balls to keep the birds stocked up for winter.

Residents from our dementia unit have especially benefited from this activity, enjoying being involved in an array of  sensory tasks including crushing cereal and nuts, slicing up lard, ripping bread, mixing ingredients and hand rolling into balls which they have then taken out into the gardens and placed on bird tables and feeders ready for wildlife consumption.

This activity not only provides sensory stimulation for our residents, it is also a great way of bringing people together, working both independently and in groups to make an end product that encourages wildlife into their gardens which our residents just love to admire over the coming colder days. 

We are looking forward to making this a bi-weekly activity leading up to the winter months ahead.

If you would like to follow in our residents footsteps and do your bit for local wildlife why not have a go at our tried and tested recipe below.

Wildlife Fat Ball Recipe:

–          Lard

–          Bird seeds

–          Cornflakes

–          Brown bread

–          White bread

–          Porridge oats

–          Sultanas

Do let us know how you get on and feel free to send us some photo’s that we can share with our residents of wildlife tucking into your handiwork .

Photo’s can be sent to us here at Huntly Care Home by emailing tanya.smith@