Clement Park - resident peeling wallpaper

Gordon wasn’t too keen on his wallpaper. So Hannah, Activities Coordinator at Balhousie Clement Park in Dundee, gave him a fresh colour palette to choose from. And they got started on a new look.

Gordon has been at Clement Park for a few months, but really couldn’t get on with the décor in his room. As Gordon used to have his own painting and decorating company with his brother, staff at the Dundee care home knew he knew a thing or too about how it should look.

At Balhousie we’re very clear: we work in our residents’ homes. We know how very important it is for residents to have input into their environment, especially so for their own room. That means wallpaper, paint colours and all!

David Wilson-Wynne, our new Quality Improvement Partner and part of a team that oversees the clinical care across Balhousie’s homes, explains:

“Familiar surroundings bring reassurance. Our environment plays a huge role in how we feel and behave. When we make our environment our own, we have control which is important in our wellbeing and identity. The ‘home’ feeling adds security. Our homes are our go-to place for calm, familiarity and where we feel we have control.”

Hannah asked Gordon if he would like to change his décor and they set to, peeling the paper. Hannah then picked up paper samples and paint swatches to try out.

Still in the selection process at the moment, Gordon nd friend Bill have popped the samples are on the wall to see how they appeal. And once the choice has been made, Gordon will be there with the paste tray and paintbrush to start work on his fresh new look!

Changing Rooms, eat your heart out! We have our own Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. And Gordon, can maybe teach them all a few decorating tricks!