Stormont Lodge - Residents with Tiny Tablet

Homes across Balhousie Care Group are becoming more hi-tech than even before, with the arrival and launch of our large format, interactive, touchscreen tables, miss-named Tiny Tablets: our further deep commitment to our residents’ wellbeing.

Tiny Tablet’s are incredibly versatile. The mobile and height adjustable design makes it great for our wheelchair users: screens can be tilted, flipped, flattened – allowing residents to try out new skills and technology, which many have never had the opportunity to appreciate, and wherever they want in their home.

Tablets come with sensory apps to engage the brain and help with focus. It has learning apps, becomes an entertainment centre, provides a games console, even a cinema. So much choice, means our residents can select activities, and feel more independent, following interests important to them. There’s a wide range of exciting exercise apps too, for learning, dancing or simply watching; residents can enjoy sing-alongs, quizzes, as well as brain training, and collaborative games as simple as large format chess, draughts, cards…

And as the interactive tables have a 10-point touch screen ability – up to 10 fingers can use the tablet at any one time – they’re great for social interaction, playing vibrantly visual games together and sharing experiences. The screens can be used for video calls with families and intergenerational connections with local schools and nurseries too.

At Balhousie Stormont Lodge, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, residents explored their new tech this week. Valerie, Nancy, Pauline and Rhoda, kicked off with a sensory app that responded to touch, with colours blooming across the screen. Quite mesmerising staff and residents alike, our ladies moved on to the supersized piano app and then onto the live webcam at Edinburgh Zoo to keep a close eye on their animal favourites!

As you can tell, we’re all very excited about this new tech! We’re happily busting all those myths about older generations being technophobic.