Willowbank - Resident holding up Chinese Lantern

We may have only just passed Hogmanay, here in Scotland, but at Balhousie Willowbank in Carnoustie, they just haven’t had enough of the New Year’s celebrations, and are already looking forward to the Chinese New Year!

This year, Chinese New Year is still a few weeks away, on Tuesday, 1 February 1st, celebrations can last up to 16 days, culminating with the mesmerising Lantern Festival on February 15th. Residents at Willowbank have been loving making lots of vividly coloured lanterns in readiness for this Year of the Tiger. Those born this year, and other Tiger years, are said to be vigorous and ambitious, daring and courageous! Just the qualities needed to attack 2022 with verve!

There are twelve different Chinese zodiac animals, which mark every New Year, each linked to certain elements and characteristics, if you want to find out yours, click HERE