Residents at Moyness thoroughly enjoy having live music played where they can sing along to old favourites.

The Happy Ukes are Dundee’s longest established Ukulele club. They entertained the residents by playing a wide range of songs from the 60s and 70s. A favourite with our residents was “Ring of Fire”. Residents were able to shout out requests of their favourite songs and the Happy Ukes would do their best to play these requests.

Maurice Wilkie, a resident in the home and a keen player of the mouth organ, said the music “made him smile and feel happy”.  As we know, music is proven to lift mood and improve wellbeing. Not only did the residents enjoy the music, they enjoyed a small “tipple” along with some crisps while the band played.

Here at Moyness we thrive on organising events which families and friends can join in with. Having live music in our home has been popular over the past months.  The Happy Ukes always play tunes which are upbeat and happy and having them here is always a positive experience.