Many of our residents are former pet owners themselves, and often tell us of the joy and comfort being a pet owner brings, so it was to their great delight that Eden’s Garden came to visit their home on Wednesday 20th March, bringing with them some small critters.

From the moment the little animals met residents, there were smiles and questions with each person taking turns to meet and pet the beautiful wee creatures.  It wasn’t long until the room erupted in laughter as Charlie, one of the little white guinea pigs managed to escape from his human friends clutches and was quickly per sued by members of the team to retrieve him from under the table before he explored too far.  Resident Pat got a surprise when her pet followed in Charlies footsteps and attempted to jump from her knee, however Pat was ready for him and managed to snuggle him in and keep him safe.

It’s difficult to say who enjoyed the experience more, our residents or our team members.  Carer Amy certainly enjoyed meeting the animals and even had a micro squirrel trying to make a nest in her hair, much to the amusement of our residents and the rest of Monkbarns team.

Over the years Eden’s Garden has proved to be a firm favourite at Monkbarns.  We would like to thank them for their visit and very much look forward to their return.