One relative’s strong connection with Balhousie Care Group has ensured that an important community connection will continue, despite the passing of her loved one.

Maggie Borrie works at one of the Tesco branches in Perth and is friends with Jade Matthew, a carer at Balhousie Luncarty. “She’s been brilliant with us at Luncarty and donated loads of stuff,” said Home Manager Cheryl Banks.

Sadly, Maggie’s mother – a resident at Balhousie Pitlochry – recently passed away. But Maggie’s experience with Pitlochry, and connections with Luncarty, mean she is keen to keep the partnership with Balhousie going.

Pictured below are staff and residents receiving a donation from Maggie and Tesco. Left to right: Jade Matthew, residents Pat, John, and Faye, and staff member Katie Burns.