Brookfield - residents holding a large metallic red love balloon

We know we told you all about the preparations for Valentine’s Day last week, but there was so much love in the air across Balhousie on Monday, we just had to share some of these wonderful photos to melt your heart!

At Balhousie Clement Park in Dundee, Cupid was working the night shift, getting all of their residents’ Valentine’s Day cards ready for the big day, as well as supplying a Valentine’s Day treat cart. Well, they say the way to the heart is through the stomach!

Love was truly in the air loud and proud at Balhousie Brookfield in Carnoustie, with fantastic, three-foot-long, metallic ‘love’ balloons. While at Balhousie Alastrean, near Aboyne, staff knew you couldn’t say ‘I love you’ without red roses for everyone.

Back in Carnoustie, at the Balhousie Willowbank Valentine’s Dance, Bill was being an absolute gentleman asking politely for the next dance, while Balhousie St. Ronan’s in Dundee, put on a sumptuous Valentine’s Day 3-course meal. And at Balhousie, The Glens in Edzell, Valentine’s day arrived early with a special, romantic afternoon tea arranged for a resident and his wife. They also enjoyed the day baking heart cookies and sharing their thoughts about what Valentine’s Day means for them.

The big news at Balhousie Pitlochry was the further adventures of Stan Balhousie! Yes, it’s official, oor friend Stan has found love here at Balhousie. Balhousie Stan and new love, Blossom have had their first date watching the world go by. They’re the talk of the town and our residents!

Some of our incredible staff received flowers sent from their partners into work, and yet, maybe the most touching sight of love this Valentine’s Day was back in Brookfield, and the love in her eyes. as Agnes met her great-granddaughter for the first time.

Belated Happy Valentine’s everyone – and we hope our love bug touches your hearts too!