We’re deeply sorry to advise you that due to growing concerns regarding the newly identified COVID variant virus, all Balhousie Care Group homes are again temporarily closed to all visits with immediate effect and until further notice.   This includes all visits, outdoor and indoor. End of life visits are currently exempt from this action.

We know that this will be extremely upsetting news for you, as it is for us. This unavoidable decision was reluctantly taken on Saturday night following news of the new virus strain & tightened restrictions across the country and the First Minister’s statement.

This is a new version of COVID and there’s currently not a lot known about it. We have no idea yet what its effect is on the elderly.  What we do know is that this new strain is significantly more contagious than the first one. We also know that it has already entered other care homes in the UK. For these reasons it’s crucial we act fast to try and prevent the spread.

As you know, the first COVID wave was devastating for care homes. We now have to do everything we can to avoid the spread at our homes and keep our residents safe. We’re sure you’ll agree that none of us want to go through that worry and heartbreak again.

Balhousie Care Group acted early during the first wave to close our homes to visitors. We believe that this, along with our strict infection prevention and control measures, helped enormously in keeping infections down. We have a duty of care to protect your loved one and we take that duty very seriously. We will do whatever it takes to fulfil that profound obligation and duty.

Shortly we’ll be writing to you to provide further details outlining our position.

By working together, taking tough but vital decisions and continuing to observe all safety and hygiene protocols, we will do everything in our power to keep our residents, our staff and our homes COVID safe and secure.

Yours sincerely,

Jill Kerr

Group Chief Executive Officer, Balhousie Care Group