Residents at Monkbarns helped to pick their ingredients for their fajitas which consisted of; chicken, onions, peppers, sour cream, salsa and guacamole for their Mexican lunch, but some of the residents decided that they would prefer chilli. To accompany each dish, they were given the choice of rice, chips or nachos.
The menu was as follows;
Squash soup
Fajitas or chilli
Bread and butter pudding
Along with the menu the residents had a variety of cocktails to choose from, some had tequila sunrise, skittle, Shirley temple, whisky or a soft drink
In the background residents enjoyed listening to Mexican music and got into the spirit with maracas and headwear
After eating their lunch, they had a variety of snacks and goodies to pick from.
Everyone got involved some more than others Sheana, Maud, Raymund, Doreen, Bella, lily, bet, iris, Ruth, pat, jean and Giesla all helped with the decorations, writing letters to their departed loved ones and shaking their maracas and wearing head bands. Raymund kept everyone entertained with his puppet hairy Bertie, the residents were amused by this.
We would like to thank all the staff for their help and interaction with the residents which made this a brilliant day.
Staff involved was Danni , Lisa, Natalie, Andrea, Darren and the activity coordinators Kirsty Taylor and Shirley Preston.

Also to the domestics Paula, Tracy and Leigh who had the task of cleaning up after the event, you did brilliant thanks everyone.