Orchard Court, part of ASC, is an all-male facility with a highly experienced, dedicated staff.

Recognised as the best

ASC is fast becoming recognised as a preferred facility in Scotland for men and women with learning disabilities, associated mental health issues, behaviour that challenges and/or personality disorders, and previously failed community placements.

To arrange a visit or to find out more about the care we provide, please call 01821 650591 or email enquiries@balhousiecare.co.uk

“They live a full life – because they deserve it”

Here at Orchard Court, we aim to provide the variety, flexibility, and comfort you’ve enjoyed previously in your own home. A great source of enjoyment for our service users comes from the various activities, events and excursions they can take part in. The aim is to enable service users to live as full a life as possible because, in the words of one support worker, “they deserve it”.


“Everything is person-centred, meaning we cater to individuals’ needs.”

Mairead, Lead Nurse, ASC

Person-centred care rather than one size fits all

Our philosophy throughout Balhousie Care Group is person-centred care. Our dedicated team at Orchard Court is fully trained to meet the individual requirements of service users with varying needs. More than that, they treat them like family. “We’re working in their home, they’re not living at our work – that’s always uppermost in our minds,” says one support worker.

A place where vocations are created, careers carved out

Orchard  Court ASC is a highly rewarding place to work – a place where vocations and careers have been carved simply due to the camaraderie of staff and the bonds that develop with service users. Want to join the team? Email careers@asc-living.co.uk

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