It was by chance that care home staff at Balhousie Dalnaglar uncovered a hidden talent in one of their residents.

Local school pupils had been visiting the home to decorate a section of glass on the home’s outside  balcony, using special window markers. Activities Coordinator Susanna Murdoch had watched resident Fiona Mellanby colouring in and drawing, so decided to try her out with the window markers. Then there was no stopping her.

“Fiona started drawing on the inside of the glass windows of one of our lounges and she couldn’t stop,” said Home Manager Sarah-Louise Neilson.

The windows of the Crieff care home now boast colourful floral art as well as some verses of poetry and words of wisdom added by staff.

It turns out art was always a hobby for Fiona, a former geologist who moved into Dalnaglar in April. Says her daughter Jane Anderson: “Mum always painted and she did lots of art classes in her spare time. It’s lovely to see her picking up her passion again thanks to the encouragement of the staff at Balhousie Dalnaglar.”

Added Sarah-Louise: “We have since hung two of Fiona’s own paintings in her room for her to enjoy, and we’re looking forward to more from our ‘artist-in-resident’. Plus, our windows have never looked more bright!”


Fiona designing some of her window art.