Eden’s Garden paid a visit to Lisden care home last month where our residents were keen to have cuddles and hand-feed some of the little critters.  Residents were engaged and very interested to find out more about the pets, asking lots of questions about the responsibilities of taking care of the animals.  The animals were separated into 2 groups with Snakes, Bearded Dragons and Tortoises in one lounge whilst the Rabbits, Guinea and Skinny Pigs went into another lounge area allowing for our residents to choose and visit accordingly.

It was a morning of absolute fun, laughter and animal chaos.  Eunice, Mary, Harold, Jean and Christofer all got stuck in with cuddling and feeding the animals, and one or two even tried their best to smuggle a pet or two up their sleeves such was the joy of the day.  After a wonderful and insightful morning, residents Harold, Ellen along with  Alice once of our young volunteers from Websters High School, spent the afternoon creating some lovely  purple salt dough crafts in support of  World Alzheimer’s Awareness month.

Pet Therapy visits are a very popular choice for a lots of our residents here at Lisden care home.  Not only does the close interaction with animals and pets bring a lot of joy to our residents, it helps aid mental stimulation, conversation and encourages socialisation.

We can’t wait to welcome our four legged friends back to the home soon.