Alastrean - Piper calls the tune

The bagpipes can be a bit ‘Marmite’ can’t they? People love them or hate them.

But set them in the amazing gardens of Balhousie Alastrean care home in Tarland, Aberdeenshire, on an warm Autumn afternoon, and they can’t help but give you goosebumps – a full swell of emotion.

And that’s what residents at Alastrean were treated to this week, as the grandson of one of the residents, Norma, came along, fully resplendent in full Highland Dress, to perform a number of Scots tunes. And rather than ‘He who pays the piper calls the tune’, Murray volunteered his undoubted talent, and the residents were able to ask for their favourites.

The residents loved sitting, relaxing and listening to the pipes being played: it even had a couple up dancing.

Thank you so much Murray – we’re definitely Marmite lovers here!