We all feel the benefit of some fresh air. But there are other reasons our elderly should be exercising regularly. Regular physical activity can prevent disease and gives a person more immunity to disease.

It also:

  • Decreases the risks of falls by improving strength and flexibility;
  • Improves mental health by producing endorphins which, quite simply, make us feel good;
  • Improves our cognition, and has been known to lower the risk of dementia;
  • Makes us more sociable. When we get out, we meet people (and pets!). Walking groups, fitness classes and gardening clubs can also be means to furthering our social ties.

Put simply, if our residents get out and about, the benefits are worth their weight in gold. Here are some photos from activities, from chair exercises to planting to country walks, at just one of our homes – Balhousie Stormont in Blairgowrie.