Bob Middleton was always known around Arbroath as the local handyman. He’d also do a spot of gardening, including tending the gardens at local care home Balhousie Monkbarns.

So when Bob became a resident at the home, it was only natural for this habitual tinkerer to turn his hand to some odd jobs. Before long he was painting furniture and walls, crafting things out of wood, helping with the pet birds and fish, and tending the garden.

The garden is a particular joy for Bob, as he used to be the gardener at Balhousie Monkbarns years ago.

Staff at the home recently recognised Bob’s efforts with a Balhousie Care staff badge declaring him ‘Bob the Handyman’.

Claire Cameron, Care Home Manager at Balhousie Monkbarns, said: “Bob joined us as a resident a year and a half ago and since then has been an invaluable addition to the Monkbarns family. He’s very active and is always making and crafting things in the home. He makes things out of wooden pegs, like pen holders. He paints furniture, he likes doing dishes, and he feeds our pet birds and fish.

“Bob keeps himself busy. When he’s not doing odd jobs or gardening, he’s playing board games with the other residents. He’s delighted to have his own badge declaring him our handyman, and we’re just really lucky to have him here.”

Bob handyman Monkbarns