Two teenagers studying for their Duke of Edinburgh award have been gaining invaluable experience at a Balhousie Stormont Lodge care home in Blairgowrie.

Emily Pearson and Casey Williams, both 15, have been volunteering one evening a week at the care home, talking to residents and learning how a care home works. They even helped a resident with her own life story.

The girls decided on Balhousie Stormont Lodge because a friend of one of their mums is a resident there. Emily said:

“Balhousie Stormont Lodge’s home manager Cheryl Banks was delighted to invite us into the home and residents loved it too. We have been working with one resident to complete a book about her life, and it leads to us chatting for hours. We really enjoy it and have learned loads. A big thank you to Balhousie Stormont for allowing us to be part of their home.”

Cheryl Banks said:

“Residents and staff at Balhousie Stormont Lodge have benefited greatly from the volunteer work of Emily and Casey, and we know they’ve loved their time here. It all helps break down barriers between generations and help people of different age groups share their experiences.”

Emily and Casey hope to continue visiting the care home during the summer holidays and when they return to school.