Clement Park Skittles

Skittles was the buzz word in Balhousie this last week – and we don’t mean the sweetie kind!

With tournaments taking place amongst the gentlemen at Balhousie Clement Park in Dundee, and another amongst the ladies at Balhousie Brookfield care home in Angus this week, there were some competitive streaks coming to the fore.

It looks like they were both good games all round, although there seem to be more strikes amongst the gents, ladies. Well done gents!

Maybe it’s because part of your team were off playing Fling The Frog!

Residents competed again, trying to land the frogs on the lily pads to score points! Jessie and Irene had the straightest aim, hitting a massive100 points in first game and Jessie 200 in second.
Well done ladies!