Llama with resident

When it comes to appreciating our furry (or woolly) friends, staff and residents at Balhousie Forth View in Methil, take their animal visits supersized!

A long awaited trip from local Alpacas was very welcome at the Fife care home. It had previously been cancelled sue to the extreme temperatures two weeks earlier, so staff and residents couldn’t wait for the rescheduled visit. And relatives were invited to join their loved ones for the spectacle, and staff brought in their children too.

The gentle nature of alpacas makes them perfect for activity-based visits. Nursing home residents have been welcoming these friendly animals across the world, from Germany to North America.

Bambi, Ronnie and Sham were a massive hit with residents, who were encouraged to pet and interact with them. They enjoyed a tour of the home by their handler, so they could also visit residents in their bedrooms as well as in the lounges.

Not many residents had seen an alpaca before, and you could see from their faces how fascinated they were by the chance to get up close – the residents all enjoyed having a cuddle.

Organiser, Activities Coordinator, Amy Burns, said:

“We had a lovely afternoon with our fluffy guests. They were so well behaved!’ And colleague and Activities Coordinator, Louise Keiller simply exclaimed, ‘I want one!’