When it’s your birthday, it’s all about you (and so it should be). And because Balhousie is made up of 1500 employees, really our 30th birthday is all about them.

After the most challenging two years the care sector has seen, it’s time for our Everyday Heroes to be kinder to themselves. So as part of our 30th birthday celebrations, we’re offering wellness tips with a difference. Each one has a link to the number 30.


1. 30 day fitness programme

Food and fitness sensation Joe Wicks, aka the Body Coach, has helped millions of people to keep fit and cook healthy, simple recipes. He’s back with his 30 Day Kick Start Plan to make it easier than ever before to make healthy food, lose weight and get more active.Inside are one hundred delicious, sustaining recipes and six brand-new HIIT workouts to help you get in shape. Combined with weekly plans that can help you prep like a boss, this approach is easy to personalize according to your own day-to-day habits and will help everyone kick start a healthier lifestyle without looking back.


2. 30 Minute Healthy Meals

Who has hours to prepare healthy dishes (or any, for that matter?) Author Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach – famous for his lockdown workouts – has organised the chapters of Joe’s 30-Minute Meals by main ingredient, and labelled its 100 recipes are reduced carb or carb refuel. Plus, they’re everyday healthy dishes you’ll want to turn into staples.


3. 30 Day Yoga Journey

YouTube yoga sensation Adriene Mishler is running a free 30-day yoga journey in January. Breath – a 30 Day Yoga Journey

includes a downloadable calendar and free community platform to encourage you to seek support from others all over the world.

4. The Benefits of Journaling

The benefits of writing down your thoughts/gripes/dreams./plans are well-documented. Not only is a head-clearing experience (who doesn’t love a to-do list to tick off?) but the very act of taking the time to do it is a wellness step in itself. You don’t need to write for half an hour – it could be five minutes. Just know that setting some time aside each day to scribble quickly becomes a habit – and a good one.

This article in ‘i’ newspaper gives some great tips on getting started with journaling – including how to get kids and teens on board. One extra nugget: we know a teen who started paint-journaling. She hated the idea of filling a blank page with words, but loved the notion of filling it with art. Love it!


5. Learn something new in 30 minutes

It’s an episode of The One Show. A third of a football match. The drive between Dundee and Perth. Doesn’t seem like long, does it? But in 30 minutes you can achieve.a lot. That’s according the website lifehack.org which, luckily for us, has some great ideas for bite-sized learnings. These range from film studies to new business concepts to computer coding. Ready? See you in 30.