In the afternoon of the 7th of November we had some lovely Thai ladies; Sabai, Amisha and Suntaree, who came into Monkbarns Care Home café to do a few of their native dances for us, they also explained the meaning behind the dances they did.  The lotus dance included two of the ladies doing a synchronised dance with flowers in each hand.  The dances were to honour their god, king and family members.  The dancers wore beautiful brightly coloured outfits. The residents and staff members all loved watching the dances and also speaking with the dancers, and finding out more about where they came from, their culture, and what they thought about their transition, moving from Thailand to now living in Scotland.  Our residents can’t wait to have Sabai, Suntaree and Amisha back again, and many of the residents, especially Sheana, are hoping to learn some of the dance moves they witnessed at the performance.