Clement Park - resident looks over mural choices

Spring is coming… the snowdrops are full out, even the crocus and daffs are poking their heads. And there’s that strange desire to clean and redecorate!  TV and magazine advertising is awash with cleaning products and encouraging us to pull out the paintbrushes and the wallpaper sample books.

And Balhousie is no different, especially Balhousie Clement Park in Dundee. You may recall how Gordon is checking out wallpaper samples for his room? Well, the redecorating bug has spread, and they’ve gone the whole hog checking out murals!

As their ‘quiet room’ is in line for a complete revamp, who better to decide the theme than the residents! They have all been given four mural designs from which to choose their favourite: Flowers, Lake, Meadow and Jungle. (And while they’ve gone all creative, the Art Club is booming too!)

So far there’s a clear mural winner – but there are still votes to come in before we find out where they’re heading. Watch this space!